About us

15 years of experience

Remode is a relocation company with colleagues having 15+ years’ experience within the relocation industry. Our values are being there during the relocation procedure for both the employee and HR while being open to our clients’ needs and proactively handle all steps related to the process.

Dedicated professionals

Our team members are experienced professionals who understand the complexity of the relocation process. At some point, almost every business needs to relocate an employee. For most companies, even large ones, relocation is not an everyday activity. We are here to help you.

Fast and efficient

Nevertheless, when the need arises, it becomes extremely important to complete the task quickly and efficiently so that employees can be productive at their new location. The fundamental added value of Remode is to minimize the downtime of the relocating employee.

Professional help

We do understand that relocation is complex, time-critical, personal, and last but not least expensive. In reality, employers could outsource the process to the employee, and most employees could handle their own relocation at the company’s expense. The problem with this approach is that employees don’t relocate very often and managing an unfamiliar process without assistance can be extremely time-consuming, disruptive and mistakes can happen without knowing the relocation process.
Our professional help by dealing with employee relocation every day greatly expedites the process.

Remode’s aim is to avoid our clients facing bureaucratic obstacles while staying in Hungary and show them how smooth a relocation process can be with our help.

Our job is to look for information, stand in line at the authorities, answer questions, fill in applications, solve complications if any so our Clients can spend their time at work instead of getting lost in the bureaucratic system.

Remode attends briefings, meets with government officials and shares the updates with Clients as well. Our team including assistants, consultants, lawyers as well as our managers and vendors who we work with are all highly qualified and experienced professionals with great personal skills to understand the complexity of a relocation. Remode is following legislative changes on a day-to-day basis.