Destination services

Orientation tour
Remode’s aim is to provide you with general information and a familiarization tour of the new location. An orientation tour can include the following services such as: ● pick up from discussed spot ● accompanied guided tour of the city ● area orientation ● information on public transportation, medical system, leisure facilities, shopping options, everyday life in the city, rental market and lease requirements ● providing information on special interests indicated by the client ranging from sport, language, religious interests, information on local expatriate organizations
Home finding service

Remode’s aim is to find and secure the most suitable property at the new temporary home country.
Home finding service can include the following services such as:
● needs assessment
● briefing call
● rental market search, preferences with taking the budget into consideration
● giving information of rental market and lease practices, helping shortlisting preferred properties
● setting up appointments for property visits with agents and property owners / Landlord
● accompanied visit of selected properties, participating in rental price negotiations representing strongly your interest
● participating in lease negotiations, coordinating necessary approvals and signatures with the client or the client’s company and the Landlord
● conduction of the check in procedure includes: documented property handover, registering utility meters, taking photos of the state of the premises, inventory check

Settling in service
Remode assists you to settle into everyday life in the new temporary home country, giving advice and offering assistance with the arrangement of necessary monthly payments related to the leased property. Settling in services can include the following services such as: ● assistance with utility transcriptions if required by the terms of lease agreement ● advice on different service providers available in the location ● assistance with ordering internet/ TV/ telephone and mobile phone services ● assistance with bank account opening
Departure service
When time comes to farewell, Remode enables a smooth check out from the property, aligning with local rules and requirements to make the departure less complicated as we understand it can be emotional and stressful as well to say goodbye to a temporary home. Remode makes sure to oversee financial settlements regarding the departure, advocating and negotiating for successful deposit return while helping with the withdrawal of permits and necessary notifications to the authorities as well. Departure service can include the following services such as: ● checking the terms of the actual lease, defining if it has to be terminated or expires by the projected date of departure ● offering assistance in drafting the termination letter if necessary, notifying the Landlord orally and by submitting the termination letter in writing ● conducting the check-out protocol: registering utility meters, taking photos of the state of the property, matching the data and documentation to the check in protocol – if available ● assisting with utility transcriptions if applicable, assisting with service contract terminations (internet, TV, mobile phone) and closing of the HU bank account ● permit withdrawals and necessary notifications to the authorities
Lease agreement support service
Remode addresses necessary actions regarding the finalization of a lease agreement or an ongoing lease. Lease agreement support service can include the following elements such as: ● lease negotiation and arrangement of necessary signatures in case the client finds a property on his / her own ● preparation of a Lease Extension after coordinating with the relevant parties for new dates and possible new terms to be included ● preparation of a Lease Amendment if any changes are to be indicated in the lease: addition or change to the premises or conditions included in the original lease / change of family status, eg. new born family member to be included in the lease
School search

Our capital city offers a variety of schools for all age meeting EU standards in quality of education. Our clients can choose from British, German, American, French, Austrian, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish schools. During the process Remode identifes and locates the most suitable school / kindergarten based on your needs and requirements.

School search service can include the following elements:
● providing general information on the local school system
● highlighting the difference between private and public schools and the requirements of enrollment in general
● based on the needs’ assessment, locating the most suitable options in the destination location
● providing general information on the shortlisted schools, guidance as to where you can find enrollment information and information brochures
● setting appointments with the preferred schools/ kindergartens
● provide support with registrations and the necessary paperwork as applicable

Assistance with obtaining driver’s licenses

Foreigners moving to Hungary at one point will need their driver’s license for their job or their everyday life. In that situation it is important to localize their driver’s license or to obtain a Hungarian driver’s license, considering also that there are different regulations regarding both. In case a foreign employee stays in Hungary for more than one year, the question of localizing his driver’s license will most probably come up. Remode’s advice is to obtain an international driving license before leaving your home country. Remode can help with requirements and procedures for obtaining a local driver’s license and time constraints involved. The most frequent questions related to driver’s license are the following which Remode is glad to answer:
● For how long after arrival foreigner can drive in Hungary with a foreign driver’s license?
● When and in which cases the localization process must be started?
● Why is it important whether a foreign national’s driver’s license was issued in a country that joined the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of November 1968?
● Is foreigner required to undergo a theory test or a driving test as an exam on traffic basic knowledge?
● Where the localization must be applied for, what are the costs, what kind of documents are needed?

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